Saturday, 24 April 2010

Gig Six . . . There Was Literally Candy

My sister Lillian and I just played at Dick and Jane's general store ( in Walpole, MA (April 24th, 2010). I will say at the outset, it's probably not the best gig sitch when there's a carnival (and a pretty sweet looking one, too) set up about a block away. Foot traffic was way down from what would normally have been a hopping Saturday afternoon.

That being said, we had a blast for the following reasons:
1. We tested out our little sound system for the first time ever, and it was AWESOME.
2. The promoter, Andy, not only had designed a fun poster for us (making use of some of my art on Myspace) but also stayed for the whole gig. Dedication to the arts = win.
3. We got free, storemade fudge = double win.

Also, my demo CDs are for sale in the store now. My empire is expanding.

Gig total: 6 down, 94 to go before stardom.

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  1. Yes indeed, a good time was had by all in attendance. Overnight the Carnival noisily packed up and stole out of town.