Saturday, 10 April 2010

And then there were 5: Burrito Rojo

Gig five was at a new Mexican (or "Mixican," as the owner, JD, put it) place in Turners Falls, MA, called Burrito Rojo ( I had the "Rojo" for red part down, but I just assumed it meant "Red Burrito" until I had it explained to me that actually "Burrito" is a little burro, i.e. "Little Red Donkey." Aww! I'm a sucker for cute animals.

Anyway . . .

The crowd was small but nice (although I got scared because I (voluntarily but semi-coerced!) had to lead a chorus of "Happy Birthday" for a sweet young lady in the audience. I'm sorry, but singing a cappella "Happy Birthday" on a mic with the poor audience trying to sing along is just bound to be awkward. No one can hear anyone in that situation. In everyone else's defence, I'm the only musician on the planet (anyone else with me? anyone?) who doesn't know the song on the guitar. Fail.

My dad, a.k.a T. Fredric Jones will be playing at Burrito Rojo on May 6th (he's really good--I cover his songs all the time), and I'll be playing there again on May 14th. It's not just because I got a free avocado taco out of the deal last time. I swear.

Next installment should be GIG SIX: At Dick and Jane's General Store ( in Walpole, MA, on Saturday, April 24th, 1 pm. How could it NOT be awesome? Check out other shows at

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