Thursday, 18 March 2010

Scotland: Some Gigs Were Played

This blog will serve a dual purpose: first, I will endeavor to provide regional information on good places to play for singer-songwriters and other (mainly acoustic) artists. Second, I'm on an epic quest. An indie record exec basically told me that no matter how good my music ( might be, I really need to play about two hundred gigs before talking to him again. So here I go. These are the gigs--all in Scotland so far.

1. Harley's in Bathgate;; February 28, 2010. It's not an 18+ venue, which means there were a lot of 18- es there. This would have been all right, except it meant the bands with which I was sharing the night were really angry, angsty teen bands. I know when I was playing they were thinking, my gosh, how did it come to this. I was sort of thinking that too as, at 24, I felt ancient and decrepit playing for the proverbial spotty youths. They clapped but I think they also might have hated me.

2. The Liquid Ship in Glasgow;; March 2, 2010. What an awesome venue! The audience was small but the other musicians playing that night were quite fun (; The sound engineer Patrick was particularly thoughtful--the man supplied a guitar stand, just saying.

3. The Tron in Edinburgh;; March 4, 2010. I featured at their originals-only open mic. It's been around forever, tons of variety in the music, Nicky Carder hosted ( It's a slightly scary gig, to the extent that the audience is a bit captive. Being paranoid, I assume a default reception of hostility (probably should work on that). No, seriously, it was good times.

Next up: the Black Moon Music Lounge in Belchertown, Massachusetts.
Gig Count: 3 down, 197 to go.

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